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  • System/application development
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Others(QA QC, package deployment etc.)
  • Sales, Reception, Store manager
  • Factory staff
  • System/application development(Smartphone, game)
  • Human Resources
  • Tourism, Hotels
  • Administration, Reception, Secretary
  • Electronic and Electrical Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for anything?

From creating a CV on FlyOut to receiving the Naitei (a job invitation letter) and working in Japan, candidates are not required to pay any fee.

All expenses such as airfare, visa fees, etc. will be paid by Japanese companies.

Is FlyOUT a dispatch or brokerage company?

FlyOut is not a dispatch or labor export company, but rather is a system where you can create an impressive resume and be recruited by Japanese companies.

All your information will be read and evaluated by Japanese companies, so make sure that your CV on FlyOut accurately describes your abilities and personal traits.

I have no confidence in my Japanese writing skill. How do I improve the chances of getting an interview?

Instead of filling out your CV in Japanese from the beginning, you absolutely can create a CV in Vietnamese and request FlyOut to translate your CV into Japanese.

After receiving the request, FlyOut' recruiting specialists will contact you to translate your CV for FREE within 7 working days.

Can I use the CV created on FlyOut to apply to other companies?

Create an online CV on FlyOut and in less than 20 minutes you will own a Japanese CV that can grab an employer’s attention.

You can download this CV for free and use it to apply to other Japanese companies.

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By creating an FlyOut CV, you agree to FlyOut's Terms Of Service , consent to our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy , and agree to be contacted by recruiters via FlyOut.