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Why almost 2500 publishers have chosen Flyout

Add blogs and set prices

Add your blogs and set price per post. More blogs mean more opportunities for revenue.

Choose content preferences

Choose what kind of content you would want to get published on your blog by advertisers.

Watch sponsored posts

Advertisers filters through the blogs and places an order in a real-time if your blog meets the criteria.

Leave the money stuff to us.

We’ll handle the process of billing the advertisers, you can see all earnings on your Flyout dashboard.

Getting started with Flyout takes literally 30 seconds

You can add your blog on Flyout under 30 seconds and start monetizing it

All you have to do is follow a 3 step process and mention all basic details such as blog URL, price per sponsored post and so on.

You’re in control

Block sponsored posts you don't like, customize what kind of sponsored content you would want to publish or restrict.

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  • Domain Authority
  • Price Range
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Watch the highest paying sponsored posts go live

Get a heads up when an advertiser is interested to post the sponsored content on your blog.

You can track your earnings in real-time from the Flyout dashboard.

Measure the Performance of Each Blog and Optimize

Get real-time data points such as impressions, number of drafts and number of articles getting published per approved blog and optimize your listing.

Testimonials from active publishers

Meet people doing more of what they love.

Get inspired by people using Rankz to help fund their passions.

A clean design and simple copywriting was enough self-explanatory for me to understand that Flyout is a network of Advertisers and Publishers who trade sponsored posts/press releases and I made $200 within 48 hours as soon as I joined them.

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Founder Hellboundbloggers

I've been frusratated with the low CPC rates from Google AdSense and a friend of mine recommended me to Flyout. I've listed total 5 blogs of mine and I was able to make 270% extra revenue from my blogs in month #1 itself. Highly recommended!

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Founder Cryptoground

I discovered about Flyout through one of the Facebook group and I thought of trying it. Within a time-frame of 3 weeks - I got my first sponsored post. The most interesting thing about Flyout is their "Instant Publishing" feature.

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Founder Androidhive

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the most out of Flyout.

Just sign up on Rankz and head over to Flyout. From your dashboard, click on "Add New Website" and submit basic blog details such as price per post, categories, gambling links allowed YES OR NO etc.
We strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines below, which outline some of the standard points such as traffic, content quality, content frequency etc.
We send payments to all eligible publishers on 5th of every month. For example, let's say you have earned 100$ from 1st of May to 30th of May, then your payment will be released on 5th of June.
We use Basic Authentication handler to enable Basic Authentication to a WordPress site. This allows us to establish a live link with your blog and whenever our advertiser want to publish any article on your blog, they can do it.
We have real time reporting, which means you will be able to track all your earnings from Flyout inside your Rankz account.

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